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How to make money online in Pakistan

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How to make money online in Pakistan?

Due to the economic situation in Pakistan and less jobs, everybody is trying hard to find a living. There are lots of people who are trying on the internet to find a good article which can help them earn online in Pakistan. There are of course many articles already on the internet which uses term How to make money online in Pakistan. But the contents of the article are either not for beginners or they have not organized it in a proper way for the audience. We have collected a set of information that includes earning money online in Pakistan from the comfort of your desk. They aren’t tough, but we expect you to have at least some English language skills.

Why earning money online in Pakistan?

Everyone uses internet on multiple devices either in their homes or on the move. They are either chatting or socializing too much on social networks, watching movies or useless youtube clips or other media clips on different networks. I am not saying that’s a complete waste of time, but too much spending time on social network or watching movies is of course a waste of time. It can be used for a greater cause or to help you in making an earning online. So why not to earn online, if the same time could be used to make some thing better. So how to make money online in Pakistan? Its fairly easy and doesn’t require much of technical knowledge. Following is a list with which you can make money online fairly easy. It includes some parts which requires technical knowledge (for programmers).

  1. Earn with Android App Monetization (You need to know android application development)
  2. Earn with Affiliate Marketing
  3. Earn as a freelancer
  4. Earn with writing your own blog
  5. Make money with Youtube Channel monetization
  6. Earn with micro jobs

Earn with Android App Monetization

If you know how to code, you are in the right place. If you know coding but not android, please have a look at Android application development. After that you can learn more about monetization and then how to monetize your developed android app.

Earn with Affiliate Marketing

We have article posted about affiliate Marketing. You can learn the basics and start earning with affiliate Marketing in Pakistan. Affiliate Marketing requires you to have a blog or website which has good contents for audience.

Earn as a freelancer

Freelancing is a service in which you are the company or customer and you serve or buy services. Confused? Take a look at our Freelancing Article.

Earn with writing your own blog

Blogging is one of the best quick and easy way for earning. Its rather a simple process by creating a blog with your sub-domain for free than creating your own custom website. Big companies such as blogger, tumblr, wordpress etc can set it up for you in just few minutes.


  1. Go to blogger, tumblr or wordpress . com.
  2. Register an account and follow the instruction to setup your blog.
  3. Start writing good articles and update your blog regularly.
  4. Create an account with Ads network such Google adsense, infolink, q1media etc
  5. They will provide ads in the form of banners for you.
  6. Put those ads on your blog.
  7. Get traffic to your blog through social network and SEO optimization.
  8. Get earnings for pay per view or pay per click.
  9. Monitor your ads network dashboard (Google adsense, infolink etc with whom you have signedup) for your earnings.

The whole process takes some time but its not complicated and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Any ways at the end of the day it  pays off for your hard work. After some time we are sure that you will start your earning, but it requires hard work and honesty to put the good content for great audience. Don’t copy paste content as your blog might get penalty from Google for plagiarism and will not rank higher in Google. It means you might not get much of organic traffic. You can write articles depending on your specialty. If you are a chef then write articles about good dishes. If you are a student of IT, you can write articles about latest technologies. If you are doctor you can write articles about latest diseases, surgical instruments or new discoveries. There is no limit on writing article about any thing. All you need to do is to write informative article. Good blogs rank higher in Google and makes the best earning.

Make money with YouTube channel Monetization

You have lots of wonderful videos and you don’t know how to make money out of it. Youtube is the world biggest video content provider. If you have a gmail account, you can create a youtube account as well. All you need to do is to create a youtube channel and add your videos to it.


  1. Create account in youtube
  2. Create an adsense account which you will link to this youtube channel.
  3. Create your Youtube channel
  4. Upload your video
  5. Set monetization on your video
  6. Share your videos on social networks like facebook, Google+ etc.

Following are some snaps on how to upload video to youtube and monetize them. Click them to enlarge.

Click Upload Button

Earn with youtube in Pakistan
Earn with youtube in Pakistan


A new page will appear, click on arrow icon to select a file

Earn with Youtube in Pakistan
Earn with Youtube in Pakistan

Your video will be uploaded and you will have options to monetize them as shown below. click on all options and then publish button.

 Earn with youtube in Pakistan

Earn with youtube in Pakistan

 Earn with Micro Jobs

Micro jobs as the name implies are small tasks that are done for a reward. Please have a look at our Earning with Micro Jobs article.