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Pakistani Android app Proximity Lock/Unlock
Proximity Lock/Unlock

Unlock Android Phone Using Proximity Sensor

Unlock Android Phone Using Proximity Sensor - Proximity Lock/Unlock Review

Apps or Application are always developed to serve a purpose. If its only for making money with advertisement then it shouldn’t be called an app but Internet marketing campaign app 🙂

Pakistan is trying hard to purse latest technology in digital world. There may not be enough investors to invest in individual’s ideas but its not stopping them to not try it  at all. Many successful apps developed in Pakistan such as Groopic got attention of international media. In short Pakistan is on the right track except for some security challenges in the country where investors fears to invest.

Today we are reviewing a mobile unlocking Android App developed by young Pakistani developer Haseeb based in Multan.

Proximity Lock/Unlock Android App Review

According to Google Play Store there are many applications developed for unlocking phone using proximity sensor. Well you shouldn’t be disappointed there Why? Because during the initial cloud storage era DropBox founder had a meeting with an investor to showcase his idea.

Investor asked him about his project – “The idea has already been implemented. Why should we invest in your project?”

He replied –

“Yes That’s true but we will provide a service that other competitors are lacking to fill the gap.”


So it doesn’t end here if you are already implementing an idea that exist but the thing that matters is how best you can implement it to fill the gaps that others have forgot to fill.

You may be a bit anxious of where to get this app? So here is the download link to try it for yourself.

Proximity Lock/Unlock apps allows user to lock and unlock phone using proximity sensor. You can lock your phone by hovering your finger 1 cm above the sensor and the same goes for unlocking. The app continuously runs in background and senses for actions to lock/unlock. If you forgot to lock your phone while putting in your pocket or bag, while the app running in background will sense it and will auto lock your phone. This is very useful to avoid draining your mobile phone battery or accidental call to consume all of your credit.


This app has the minimal design with just 1 main screen without going into complex settings and configuration. That makes it to work out of the box.

Main app screen has 4 main options. You may rather need to tap on caption of those icons instead of icons to work

  • Screen Unlock (Tapping it will set the screen to Unlocked)
  • Wi-Fi Toggle (Don’t know how it works)
  • Screen Lock (Sets the screen to Locked Mode)
  • Pocket Mode (Best auto mode => Recommended)

With setting pocket mode, it will automatically senses if your phone is in bag, pocket or in your hand to give you locking/unlocking capability.

You can also place its widget on screen for quickly activation or deactivation.

Installation and Uninstall

Installing is pretty straight forward. The download link is mentioned above in the article. You cannot remove this app directly from the app manager. First you need to go to the application itself and there is a middle button below with the caption “CLICK HERE BEFORE UNINSTALLING” which you need to tap. After tapping you will get instruction to remove this app using application manager.

Summary & Conclusion

This app comes with minimal ads and does what its description says. Its a very minimal android app that can be very useful to avoid draining battery or losing your phone credit. To summarize we have the following rating for this application.

Design 90%
Ease of Use 80%
Does what it says 70%