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Earn With Freelancing in Pakistan

Earn Money online in Pakistan with freelancing

Earn Money Online in Pakistan – Freelancing

Freelancing? Should I earn?  For which skills you can do freelancing? How you can become a freelancer? There are many questions that may arise in your head and you may start thinking what the heck is freelancing.


Freelancing is a methodology in which you act as a company or a customer. What company wants? To sell some service. What customer wants? To buy some service. It would amaze you if I give you an example of freelancing in your daily life. Some of your family member wants you to buy a PC from computer shop. They think you are the right person who can buy a cheap and efficient PC for their needs. That means you have IT skills in computer hardware and basic purchasing skills, which in turn is utilized for free for your family members in getting them a PC. So now answering the above questions related to freelancing.

Freelancing term should have been cleared to you by now. So now lets get to the second question.

Should I earn?

We assume that you want to earn money online in Pakistan, so we expect you to have some basic or advanced skills in different fields. It may vary from type writing, content writing to programming or SEO services etc. But don’t worry you don’t need to understand every thing, even content writing or type writing (data entry jobs) will be enough. So yes, when you are investing your time in something, you must earn something. Every thing has a worth in this world, so your time too has a worth. Utilize it efficiently.

For which skills you can do freelancing?

As mentioned earlier, it may vary from basic tasks to advanced tasks. But the more complex it is, the more worth it has. So its entirely up to your skills. Some of the skills which are usually advised are as follows:

  1. Web Development
  2. Software Development
  3. Networking & Information Systems
  4. Writing & Translation
  5. Administrative Support includes (Basic skills : Data Entry, Personal Assistant, Web Research, Email Response handling, Transcription etc)
  6. Design & Multimedia
  7. Customer Service
  8. Sales & Marketing
  9. Business Services

As you can see from the list it varies from basic skills like Data Entry to business services, programming, autocad design etc.

How it works?

There are a lot of professional freelancing websites. You can register yourself, create your profile, update your skills, set payment options. You then bid on projects or the buyer may give you project directly. In case of if you won bid, you may contact the customer and ask for more information about the project and start working on it. Upon the completion of project you will be paid your reward and the customer will give you feedback on your profile. High rated profile has more chances of getting more projects than poor rated profile. So deliver what you have promised.

Top Freelancing Websites

We are providing only Fiverr registration methodology. Registration in other freelancing websites is easy and can be done by following their instructions.

We recommend following list of freelancing services.

  1. Fiverr
  2. odesk
  3. Freelancer


Fiverr was created in 2010 for freelancers. Freelancing starts with 5$ U.S for a task and can increase. This is a superb platform for college graduates to start investing time in it and provide services to customer. They get reward for their time invested.

Creating a Gig on Fiverr is very simple but how we create an elegant gig which can receive many orders is shown below. There are 7 sections in below form.

Earn Money OnlineGIG TITLE : Add an effective and attractive title about services you want to sell.

CATEGORY : To what category your service belongs? Select the appropriate one.

IMAGES : We always skip this part, but to have an image gives an impression of your professionalism and not some black hat or scammer sitting behind a keyboard.

DESCRIPTION : Describe your services as precise and accurate as possible in description section. Highlight you strong skills. You have 1200 characters to explain about what you are good at?

TAGS : An important part in almost every item on internet. Write your skills separated by comma in this field, so that its easier for buyers to find you.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR BUYERS: You have some important information to provide to buyers before they buy your service, mention it here. So that you don’t get negative rated profile.

When you have finished creating a professional gig, just click “Save or Continue ” button.

Here is a quick tutorial about freelancing in urdu.

Earn with Freelancing Video tutorial


We hope that you have liked our article about “Earn money online in Pakistan with freelancing” . If you feel we have missed something, feel free to comment, we will try to answer as soon as possible.

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