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Tactile Internet - 5G (Pakistan) coming to Pakistan?
Tactile Internet - 5G (Pakistan)

Tactile Internet – The future 5G Internet

Tactile Internet (Super Fast Future 5G Internet)

First commercial deployments of the so called “Tactile Internet” are expected just before or after year 2020.

The Tactile Internet – that is seen as the future Internet – will be enabled by different 5G technologies.
Technologies that are invented just for specific 5G use cases, and the ones that are being evolved from existing technologies, such as 4G.

Unlike in existing networks, 5G will have many different radio technologies – each optimized for a specific need.

Let’s take for example the automotive industry where all the cars are connected.

Such a network has completely different requirements than, for example, a network that serves non-mission critical applications. Cars may require a latency less than 1ms while latency in some other use case does not matter.

 Devices and applications will select the network that suite their needs best.

Mission critical devices and applications will use the part of the network (e.g. radio interface) that is designed for mission critical devices and applications.

While non-mission critical ones will use the part of the network that is designed for non-mission critical devices and applications.  

Tactile Internet in general will be characterized by extremely low latency in combination with high availability, reliability and security. But in reality it does not mean that every device would use the most efficient communication technology.

Tactile Internet will have a big impact on the society and the way we live.

It will change the way how we communicate and how we do business.    

The first steps towards the Tactile Internet has already been taken.

Before the design work can start, players from several sectors need to agree upon the underlying mechanisms and technologies.
The EU project METIS, which stands for Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for the Twenty-twenty Information Society, plays an important role in laying the foundation of 5G.
For more information visit METIS .

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