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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review vs S4 pakistan india
Samsung Galaxy S5 Review vs S4

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review vs S4

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review vs S4

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the spearhead in Samsung’s smartphone giant family. It may get Android 5.0 Lollipop update soon.

What you need to know?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a further development of the Galaxy S4. There are no real innovations, but it’s much better than its predecessor in terms of features and hardware upgrade. The display is brighter and the pace is again faster. It is waterproof and is suitable for fitness functions as it has a built-in heart rate monitor for training sessions which can be used out door and even in rain. The fingerprint sensor simplifies unlocking. The best online price you can find for this product is € 409.00.

What’s good in Galaxy S5?

  • High throughput, can process everything very fast
  • Large, sharp, high-contrast display
  • Water and dust proof
  • Wi-Fi connectivity & LTE Modem
  • Memory card slot


If you put S4 and S5 next to each other, they are hardly to be distinguished from the front: a brilliant large screen, framed by a silver edge and a dark enclosure frame – everything is made from plastic. But on the back side you can see the difference more clearly: The battery cover is textured and rubberized in S5 having a better grip than its predecessor. The back is available in black, white, metallic blue and gold colors. Back covers are replaceable and can be replaced with other color covers. – Samsung offers variants with various patterns. Unlike, iPhone which has a non-removable battery, Galaxy S5 battery is replaceable.


The S5 has grown about 1.5 millimeters, remains fairly handy – no comparison with the significant larger Galaxy Note 3 (5.7 inch to 5.1). The dimensions of the S5: 142×72,5×8,1 millimeters, with a weight of 145 grams. The S5 is dust and waterproof to IP67 – at least when the slot is covered and the valve before USB interface is closed properly.

Improved display

The AMOLED display is based on sharp Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels), and the screen is better than the S4: It is lighter (437 to 332 cd / m²), reproduces colors very accurately and has an extremely good contrast from 1.794: 1 (S4: 744: 1). The “Next Generation Full HD Adaptive Display” in the S5 adjusts brightness, contrast, and color temperature to the respective conditions perfectly. In fact, to see more detail and contrast, especially when viewing photos on the screen of the Galaxy S5 –as it is usually with all major smart phones, the pictures details cannot be observed properly if put in bright sunlight.


According to Samsung, S5 has “the best camera of all their smartphones”. The resolution according to its specs has grown from 13 megapixels (Galaxy S4) to 16 megapixels. The still shots pace and storage is better in S4. Overall, the camera of the S5 is good and improvement has been made. Samsung promised that the autofocus will be 0.3 second faster than previous S4. As a remedy for dark backlit issues Samsung has built a special chip for HDR images.


Apple has led the way, but now Samsung has an integrated fingerprint sensor as well. The detection work in a practical test quite well. The fingerprint sensor is integrated unobtrusively into the Home button on the front panel. The handling is simple: you have to drag your finger just over it. Fingerprint feature is also used for many other features such as PayPal purchases, hiding photos, movies, files etc. Comparing Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint to iPhone, it seems that iPhone has more flexible and touch sensitive finger print sensor than S5.

Wireless Networks

The Galaxy S5 gets a lot out of the WLAN standard ac: Thanks to dual antennas (2×2) which allows the WLAN ac-tempo to function potentially double, if you have a suitable router. The fast LTE mobile broadband will get you a boost of high speed data access in cellular network area. The transmitting and receiving performance in terms of data speed is improved compared to the S4. Also the radiation exposure is low.

Very high Throughput

The S5 doesn’t have the expected new eight-core Exynos processor, but it is equipped with well-known Snapdragon 800 with four cores. In combination with the latest Android KitKat 4.4.2, menus and apps loads faster and performance is very fluid. With Antutu benchmark program, the test result for SM G900F reached 35,435 points – about the same as the Galaxy Note 3. Internal memory is 16 megabytes or 1,856 megabytes but with the tests it found that without any application installed it showed memory of 10.72 GB. There is also a 32 GB internal memory variant of Samsung galaxy S5. Gaming GPU is Adreno 330 which is the same as the Galaxy Note 3. In combination of metrics and benchmarks results it has been found that S5 is faster than the iPhone 5S and the previous S4.


Introduced with the S4 App S-Health is now available as version 3.0 – it serves as a pedometer, and as a personal trainer. If you put your finger on the flashing light, the app can determine your pulse rate. With Samsung’s new Gear watches or fitness Airband Gear Fit, S-health is expandable by adding new fitness apps.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Solid Battery

According to Samsung, the battery in S5 is up to 20 percent longer than S4. Overall, the endurance has improved from 3.52 to 2.93, but in practice running mix applications S5 did not last longer than S4. It is however said that, but still eleven hours are a decent value if you are not running mix and complex applications all together for the whole day. For emergencies, there is an extreme power saving mode that reduces the functionality in the phone but extends its battery life.

Menu Structure

The combination of Android and Samsung additional software is so far proving to be enormously powerful. When S5 Samsung has surfaced it has been seen that it has been graphically overhauled. The program and function symbols are designed simple. As in the settings menu now each function gets its own colorful icon, the whole thing looks pretty though.

Who should upgrade to the Galaxy S5?

If you own a Galaxy S4, S5 is in no good reason to switch, because S4 is not slow and it has IR (infrared TV remote and pedometer) as well. Fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor and a waterproof housing alone are probably the least as arguments for a new purchase. Owner of a Galaxy S3 will be delighted when migrating from the brisk pace of work, the sharp camera and the slimmer body.

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