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How to Get Blog Traffic using optimize Images

Optimize Images for Search Engines Rankings

How to Optimize Images for Search Engines Rankings

 It would come to you as a surprise that Images on your blog can generate tons of traffic and can increase your PR (Page Rank). Getting traffic is not that easy, you need to tune a lot of bolts and nuts for your blog. One of them is Image optimization for search engines ranking.

Why Optimized images?

Because they can load faster, and Google can understand what this image is about so that your website or blog can rank higher and you can get organic traffic.

Following are the list of actions that can be performed to optimize your image.

1. Image Optimization best practices with alt text

To explain in simple words, just imagine you see an image of baby crying. What do you get out of it? Either the baby is hungry, wants to sleep or has some pain etc. But Google doesn’t have that kind of image recognition through which it can find what is in the picture.

To help Google understand such images there is an alt text which describes the image.

How to add alt text?

When you upload images to your blog, you can see its properties provided by the upload tool. Just add your text to alt attribute. WordPress example below:

alt text used for optimze images for search engines rankings
Optimze Images for Search Engines Ranking with alt Text

If you are coding, then you can use alt="this is your alt text" to your image tag.

Here’s an example:

<img src="baby-crying.jpg" alt="Baby Crying" />

2. Image Optimization best practices with reducing file size

Nobody likes slow blogs or websites with lots of images and videos. Yes that true, that audience get attention of graphics first but images with larger sizes may reduce overall load time of your blog or website. To reduce file size of your images there are many alternatives like picnik for example.

We are using photoshop to reduce our images size, so that the dimensions stays intact and the file size is reduced.

How Optimize Images using Adobe Photoshop

Install Adobe Photoshop.

1. Open Photoshop and select your image


2. Click the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+S and save or you can save it from File menu as well.


Save your file to jpeg format for example with high compression, but do check the preview of the image. Reducing image size will reduce the quality of image as well.

Image Optimization best practices with File Name

Search Engine indexes all the text. If you name the file properly which relates to your blog or website, it will give you few more crispy cookies aka high ranking.

Image Optimization best practices with Captions

At the moment there is no direct relation between search engine rankings and image captions.

However bounce rates are taken into consideration.

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the rate at which users click on your page and bounces back quickly to search page. Search Engines takes this into consideration.

Bounce rate is important to measure the content legitimacy or in other words the user may not be satisfied with your content and just went back to the search result page.

So captions are important part of images which provides legitimacy to the image. Caption describes the image. If the caption is according to image, user will find genuine content and will stay on page thus reducing bounce rate.


While spending alot of time writing a post, its better to optimize images as well. It takes few minutes but gives you better reward.


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