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Android apps on windows mobile Pakistan
Android Apps on Windows Mobile

Microsoft to put Android Apps on Windows Phone

[su_heading size=”14″]Microsoft to put Android Apps on Windows Phone[/su_heading]

Microsoft is trending low with windows phone as its not able to capture Android or Apple market. Oneof the reason is that its app store lacks application and that’s why Android or Apple user don’t want to switch to Microsoft Windows Phone. Also some of the top trending apps in Google Play Store and Apple store are not even present in Windows mobile Store which makes it a low consumer choice.

A New Try?

A new try to capture market and win the hearts of mobile user is something that’s company discussing according a former Microsoft employee. The information is reported by The Information a tech portal. Its a plus point for Microsoft as the user might switch to windows mobile without loosing their favorite applications or probably installing the trending Android apps manually.

Gamble or a Win Win choice?

Well probably its better from user perspective as they will have choice to run any android apps on windows phone. But the downside is as Windows store doesn’t have android apps, so from developers perspective they might not be interested developing android apps for windows phone which they already doing for Google Play Store.

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