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Open Youtube In Pakistan

How to Unblock or Open YouTube in Pakistan

Open YouTube in Pakistan The Easy Way!

As you know YouTube is Blocked in Pakistan but everyone wants to use YouTube specifically students want to use it  for lectures, tutorials etc. In 2012 many countries blocked YouTube and Pakistan is one of them. In this post we will explain two very popular ways which are fast and reliable. Hopefully you will be able to unblock YouTube and use it for your useful stuff.

Unblock YouTube Using VPN

Virtual private network (VPN) is a private network acts as a cloud through which you can tunnel your real connection. Data is encrypted and is not visible to ISP to block your connection. VPN method is simple and pretty straight forward. It requires some connection creation and configuration.

Follow below steps for a successful VPN connection. Some VPN providers are paid which provides high speed and less down time. Free VPN services also serves the purpose. The good part is that there are no annoying advertisements hanging on your desktop.


  • Open browser and go to Mybestvpn.com and copy vpn server address, username and password.
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Free VPN Server list from mybestvpn . com
  • Now Click on Network or Sharing Center in your windows and setup a New Connection as shown in below images. (click image to enlarge)
setup vpn connection for unblock youtube in pakistan
Setup a new network connection
Unblock youtube in pakistan without software and proxy
Use Internet Connection for VPN connectivity
how to unblock youtube 2014 2015 in Pakistan
Put server address copied from mybestvpn . com
  • Now when you have copied server address (from mybestvpn . com into Internet address as shown in above image. Click Next. Now you need to fill in username and password of mybestvpn as shown earlier.

You are done. Now connect this connection and Open YouTube in Pakistan without any issues.

Open YouTube Using Third Party Software

The software method is not recommended as hundreds of viruses are circulating around in third party softwares. Software is the easiest way to use, but at the same time you may get viruses or trojan which may infect your computer and steal your passwords. Not all third party softwares and problematic but there are alot of them. Also you might enjoy lots of ads on your desktop hanging. However we recommend the following softwares for your disposal.

1. Softether Project

2. hotspot shield

3.  Tor Project

4. OpenVPN client using VPNbook

You can get all of them fairly easy by Googling it. Install them and follow their guide which is fairly simple and start using it. Enjoy the world of unblocked Youtube in Pakistan.

From the Editor Pen’s

I hope  you have understood the two aforementioned methods unblocking YouTube. I am personally using Softether and Tor project.  If you have any question about this post, feel free to write in comments section. We will be happy to respond to your queries.

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