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Worst Invention 2014 2015 - CueCat
Worst Invention - CueCat

Worst Tech Inventions of All Time – CueCat Scanner

Worst Tech Inventions of All Time – CueCat

Inventions are great, but what if they are fail inventions. We have collected a list of worst tech inventions of all time that didn’t get to the main stream. This will be the part of worst inventions series. So starting with


In the late 1990’s when technology was gaining height, new inventions were getting boost, CueCat failed to capture market with a lot expensive failures.

What was CueCat

CueCat is a bar code scanner. It comes with a wire and has cat shape.

CueCat Usage

CueCat was used to to scan specially marked bar codes for visiting internet sites. Its like instead of typing a web link you can just scan bar code.

Why a fail

Are you that lazy to type a web link in your browser instead of a funny cat-shaped scanner does it for you?

The system doesn’t exist in operation, even though there are 103 consumer and commercial equipment manufacturers as well as services and enterprises have licensed 117 patents i.e. scan commerce, scan to connect.