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Android Lollipop Bug

Latest Android Lollipop Bug Will Eat Your Phone RAM

Android Lollipop Bug

Its been a while when android has released their latest OS offering named Lollipop for some handsets. Alot of problems were reported by android mobile users, but its not only limited to that. Recently a bug has been discovered in Android v5.0.1 lollipop that will eat your phone Ram with nasty consequences such as phone performance, or even phone crash.

The bug is related to memory leak in which an application uses heap memory and doesn’t free it when it no longer needs it.

The discovered bug force kills opened applications and reloads home screen constantly for adjusting memory. As Android phones usually have 1GB to 4GB RAM depending on different vendors, this bug in some cases can eat up to 1.2 GB of RAM in which case it will force reboot or hang android phones with 1GB to 2GB RAM.

Nexus 7, Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 are reported to be affected with this bug.

Android Lollipop Bug Fix

If you own Android lollipop based phone, there is no need to panic. Bugs are always fixed by companies as its a part of their maintenance support.

The fix has already been implemented and will be available in for next release update.

While there is no confirmation about their next android lollipop update release with bug fixes, so you might have to wait for some time till you get your upgrade via OTA or by download and upgrade it manually.

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