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World Cheapest 9 Dollar Tiny Computer

World cheapest 9 dollar tiny computer or is it an Internet of Things concept?

Heard about Raspberry pi? That tiny single-board computer costing $25 which created a thrill and seemed like a revolution for inexpensive computers.

How would you take a cheaper than Raspberry pi computer that’s much smaller in size and inexpensive? Chip – $9 computer has even gone lower and has surpassed its $50K Kickstarter goal.

Raspberry pi was used by hobbyist and coders to do experiments and run/test some academic projects etc. It was also used for the famous XBMC now known as KODI home media entertainment project. But Chip is going beyond these and may soon become a part of IOT (Internet of things).

Raspberry Pi Vs Chip comparison


So What is Chip?

Chip is the first world’s cheapest and tiny computer costing 9$ with competitive specs to perform basic multi-computing tasks.

Chip comes with a 1GHz processor, 4GB of internal memory and 512MB of RAM. Connectivity modules such as Wi-Fi and blueooth 4.0 are also integrated. The built-in composite output makes it possible to connect to HDMI or VGA displays such as monitor or televisions using an adapter.

For portability you can attach a 2.7 volts Lithium-ion polymer battery and you are good to go. This is achieved by the fact that the Chip has a fully integrated battery power circuit, so attaching a battery will make it a portable device.

Chip comes with an open source OS already fitted in, which can be used to browse web using chromium web browser or do some productivity tasks using LibreOffice.

Chip Built-in OS

Its not even limited to that, as said earlier its a computer, you can hack it the way you like and use it.

Next Thing 9$ Computer

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Why Chip is so much cheaper?

Chip at $9 price is very cheap, but how come a chip can be so cheap? Next Thing wanted to order parts in bulk from suppliers thus reducing individual component price. Next Thing has already raised over $700,000 and 25 days still left for campaign end.

Its natural when the technology becomes cheaper and smaller, more people will learn to code and prototype some new ideas thus bringing some new technologies that will not only benefit societies but the world as well.

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