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10 Top Pakistani startups or Top 10 Pakistani startups or Top Pakistani Startups
Top Pakistani Startups

Top Pakistani Startups – KyaScenehai

Top Pakistani Startups

New start-ups are emerging now days around the world with brilliant ideas that contributes to the world and tech echo system. Start-ups like WhatsApp has made to the top by providing ads free text messaging service with minimal fee of 0.99 USD per year. Same goes for Viber, Pinterest and the list grows up.

Pakistan has best talent pool and potential which needs to be explored. Unfortunately due to war in Afghanistan and unstable political situation, investors usually turn their back and are not interested to invest in Pakistan. Due to the diverse nature of Pakistan where many cultures and languages are living side by side, it provides diversity in terms of creativity as well.

Even though economic situation is bad and political situation is unstable but still Pakistani have tried their best to invest their time and talent in new ideas. We would be discussing shortly one of the top Pakistani startups. This article is a part of top pakistani startups series. New top Pakistani startups information, their idea and applications in which they have put their idea (android apps) or some web service will be posted soon. So stay tuned.


Top Pakistani Startups and 10 Top pakistani startups or Top 10 pakistani startups
KyaSceneHai – Top Pakistani Startup





Do you know whats happening in your city right now? Some events or educational contests or festivals that are not in your schedule or you don’t even know if there is some happenings in your city. KyaScenehai is the right choice for you. I like the service name as its very fresh and provides youth reflection, secondly its very easy it to remember. So you don’t have to copy this name on some file. It covers major educational events, festivals and contests. You can be notified automatically by email if you subscribe to their mailing list. Or you can get in touch through social media like facebook.

Concluding KyaScenehai is a good idea to invest in. It contributes to the society and can get ads revenue from local advertisers in Pakistan or global advertising agencies, once they reach good traffic levels to their sites.

To reach KyaScenehai, open your favourite browser, copy KyaScenehai and put .pk at the end. Of course you have to press Enter at the end 😉 .