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Top Pakistani Startups - One Step Solutions

Top Pakistani Startups – One Step Solutions XGear

Top Pakistani Startups – One Step Solutions

As you may have noticed in new model cars especially the luxurious model cars have unique features. They come with Voice Recognition System. Car engine ignition with a security Key instead of a normal metallic key. Alot of entertainment with Infotainment system. Never loose your destination with advanced  GPS module and program. Excellent door lock indicators, auto cruise mode and even monitoring your car performance digitally are part of these wonderful luxurious cars.

There are always few things which they lack and some third party companies usually compensates the features. Top Pakistani Startups include one name to help the Auto industry by introducing XGear provided by One Step Solutions.

Product XGear

One Step solution is the task force behind XGear. XGear is a set of hardware and software platform. The hardware that is usually fixed in car for getting measurements. Software services are in the form of Web service and IOS or android application.

XGear Functionality

Functionality as per described from XGear website “XGear opens countless possibilities for better driving/fuel efficiency/maintenance, XGear is ideal for consumers and fleet managers to regain control over their vehicles; we believe you should have complete access to your vehicles data. We enable your vehicle to communicate with you to deliver information only your mechanic knows.” Following are the list of what this product/service provides.

  • Maintenance
  • Trip Summary
  • Fuel Management
  • Live Tracking
  • Behavior Monitoring

The services and apps provided by One Step Solutions in the form of XGear are indeed incredible. I would love to see my car driving to me without driver and with the tap of a button on my phone. Bells ringing?

Concluding I have worked on infotainment system for Auto Industry and believe me you would love your car once you have all those unique features.

This article is the part 2 of our Top Pakistani Startups series. If you know some Pakistani startup, please contact me via contact us tab.