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This article belongs to the series of Top Pakistani startups which aims at bringing attention of Pakistani Talent across the larger effective global audience.

Everybody loves photography and its the best thing that has happened in our life time to capture the best moments of our lives and the people that matters to us. Its not only limited to us, but its something that’s usually used in every day life such as capturing some incidents or some events or random shots that might go viral.

You might have come across certain photography terms such as panorama or 360 degree photo. If not? Here is some information about panorama.


Panorama is a feature used by still photo cameras, mobile phones, tablets and even many video cameras has now this feature. So whats good about panorama? Panorama helps you taking a photo of up to 180 to 360 degree from your position. You may download panorama android or IOS app from Google Play or Apple Store respectively.  Below is a sample of how panorama picture look like. Click to Zoom.


Pakistani android apps groopic
Panorama Sample

Panorma makes use of stitching multiple pics technology to produce final image.

Eyedeus Labs is not providing some further extensions to panorama, but providing a new idea of stitching multiple pics of same location but with different objects into final image with all those objects. Its very common now a days when you and your family or friends are on some trip some where and you want to take a group photo. There is always one member missing in the group photo and its the one who is taking shots. To overcome this gap, Eyedeus Labs introduced mobile application called Groopic. With Groopic mobile application you can take group photo with ease. The image might get blurred if the objects are moved from their location, other wise its great.

Pakistani android apps groopic
Groopic by Eyedeus Labs


Groopic was an idea that started in LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) and eventually won the best start-up award. It was initially incubated by Plan9 and soon afterwards it got attention of Google BlackBox Connect event.