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Top Pakistani Startups – Syncroid by Drizzle Apps

This article belongs to the Top Pakistani startups series.

Microsoft outlook is an important productivity tool usually used in medium sized business to corporates. There are always contacts, calendar and tasks that are Important for your daily routines during your job in a company. Usually employees, management and even CEO needs to track their tasks, calendar and contacts to formulate their future work or any decisions on the go.

Syncing Outlook to your Android Mobile Phone

Unfortunately there aren’t much listed tools to your surprise which can sync your contacts, tasks or calendar entries from your outlook to your android mobile device.  There are few android email clients that can sync to your outlook server, but with a hefty fee or per month license fee. Also remember it will need an internet connection. Corporates can cope with such situation by investing in such apps for their employes as they have big pile of cash. At the same time it’s wise to do cost cutting by investing in cheaper options.

It should be clearer from above content that we are talking about outlook syncing to your android mobile phone device. It’s obvious that you would need an internet connection to sync your outlook content to your android mobile device, but what if you can use short range communication like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to achieve this?


Syncroid fills such gap by introducing syncing of contacts, calendar and tasks using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. Syncroid is developed by Drizzle Apps currently located in Espoo Finland. It is one of few top Pakistani startups that produces professional productivity applications.

The Wi-Fi does not require internet connection. All it needs your PC should be accessible via Wi-Fi from your android mobile phone device.

It starts with installing Syncroid PC client software on your machine which has Microsoft Outlook installed and you want to sync it to your Android mobile device. After that you would need to install Syncroid application on your Android Smart phone and follow the instruction to quickly setup sync connection.

According to Syncroid Google play App page it delivers following features.


  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Synchronize between MS Outlook and Android
    – Contacts
    – Calendars
    – Tasks
  • Possible Sync Modes:
    – Phone to Outlook Sync
    – Outlook to Phone Sync
    – Two Way Sync
  •  Auto Sync Feature (Bluetooth only)
  •  No Content Duplication
  •  No Content Deletions
  •  Contacts; Following information is synced:
    – Full Name
    – Company Name and Job Title
    – Phone numbers: Mobile, Work, Work Fax, Home, Home Fax, Pager, Other
    – Mailing Addresses: Home, Business, Work and Other
    – Email address: 3 email addresses
    – Contact specific ‘Notes’
    – Web page address
  • Calendars, Appointments & Events Sync; Following information is synced:
    – Subject / Title and Description
    – Location
    – Start and End date & time
    – Reminders
    – Recurring or Repeating Events (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Range of Recurrence)
    – All Day Events
    – Attendees and Guests
    – Event Privacy (Private or Public)
    – Availability State (Busy or Free)
  • Tasks Sync; Following information is synced:
    – Subject / Title and Description
    – Start and due date & time
    – Reminders
    – Recurring or Repeating Tasks (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Range of Recurrence)
    – Event Privacy (Private or Public)

The minimum requirment set by Drizzle Apps are following.


  • SyncRoid PC Client has to be installed on your PC.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 installed on your computer (32 or 64-bits)
  • Bluetooth or WiFi enabled Windows PC and Android device


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