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Top Pakistani Startups - Conv

Top Pakistani Startups – Convo

Top Pakistani Startups – Convo

This is part of Top Pakistani Startups article series.

Have you ever tried to work in media rich contents virtual environment? You like Facebook but that’s a very personal social network. Facebook cannot be used for productive environments like your office where you can share your company confidential information.


Convo fills the gap what Facebook or other social networks are lacking. It enables teams to work in virtual enviornment with full rich media contents. You can share important information live with your team mates. It comes as a web application service as well as mobile app.

Convo previous name was Scrybe and it was all started in 2005 in Islamabad. It has received 5 million USD in funding to expand its project and bring more to the market share. The investment was brought in from a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.

It is currently serving 6000 customers in 150 countries.

Pricing plan

Currently it offers three plans. The very basic plan is free and grants you 1GB of disk space with 50 allowed users and 25 groups. Pro plan grants you 50GB of storage. Team with up to 150 users can access this service simultaneously. Pro plan includes unlimited groups creation with admin controls.

You will also get premium support service if you buy a pro plan.