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This article explains the SEO methodology from scratch with SEO TIPS for improving your website dominance in search engine results. We assume that you own a website or at least know web technology in general and Webmaster Tools for indexing your website to appear in search engine search results.

Starting with Web Traffic Types

There are many types of traffic you may get for your website like

  • Organic
  • Referrals
  • Direct
  • Social Networks

and more.


Organic traffic is like natural traffic that comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, Yandex, Excite and more. Users search for a query and your website page is listed in search engines pages from where they click on it and lands on your website page.


Referrals are of different kinds like advertisements or some website sharing your website links as a source of some information. So web users clicking on those advertisements or links shared by other website owners or article authors as a source of your website can lead traffic to your website or webpage. Such traffic is called referrals, as they are referred by some other websites.


Your website is very informative or have information that audience wants to visit again and again. So instead of searching your website in search engines they open your website directly in web browser, such traffic is Direct traffic. How do you open youtube? Going into search engine or opening URL directly from your web browser 🙂

Social Networks

Millions of users are using social networks nowadays. When users write an article or post about something like a product or general information about some topic, they share it with social network audience. Few articles get viral and that’s where it generates alot of traffic to your website. Such traffic can also be named as referrals, but to call them social network traffic is more valuable. Facebook, twitter, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, StumbleUpon are some of the common social networks that are used every day.

There are many other ways to get audience to your website and all it needs is some skilled workers and a little bit of our tips 😉

So our theme revolves around the organic traffic and how you can generate organic traffic to your website, blog or some article page.

Our main theme resolves around organic traffic in this article, so lets get started.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or Search engine optimization refers to the process of improving your posted article or website position in search engine results. Lets say you have published an article and its indexed by Google but you can’t see your page in Google search result at all. Why? Because Google has indexed information in fragmented way. Google finds it of low rank compared to other posted articles or websites. This results in putting your article or published post rank at the bottom which leads to not appear your published contents not come up in top 50 or 100 search results.

Why do you want your article, post or some product related contents to come up in top 10 position in Google Search results? Because you want to drive traffic to your website or to sell your product. If your page is hanging in 4 or 5th page of search results, users don’t care to flip to that page as they may already find what you are offering in 1st page of search results.

So what is Fragmented Article or Post?

Fragmented or scattered article is an article with variations in contents. The article representing information doesn’t correspond to the heading and vice verse. Also the content is not catching audience retention as the content is jumping from one ending to the other making it a fragmented article.

How to fix fragmented article?

Well its a question you should ask yourself. Imagine you want to explain “Internet Chat like Skype” concept to a person who has never used computer in his life. How would you explain it to him? The same way you can write articles as well to avoid fragmentation.

Content with rich Keywords

What are Keywords?

Keywords are “Strings of text” that you use for searching information in Google. How did you find this article? Probably searching in Google or other search engine using terms like “Seo tips” or “rank page higher with seo” etc. So the terms that you provided to search engine to find information are called Keywords. They are the most crucial part of ranking your website, article or post etc.

One of the important tool that search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex uses are spiders. The spider tool is a software program that crawls the net in an algorithmic and automated way. They browse websites around the world including yours to determine the precise content on the web page together with issues like use of key phrases. These information details are then used to find out the relevance of your website when somebody enters a search keyword phrase or a general phrase in search engine.

Keeping this in mind you should think about the search habits of your audience, and be certain that the phrases they may use to search out your website are actually present in your website pages. For instance, those of you who supply “physiotherapy” services, your website content material ought to embrace keywords phrases that individuals might seek for equivalent to therapeutic massage, or particular issues akin to lowering muscle stiffness or like “reducing back pain”. Remember Search Engines can’t understand images but rather image names, captions and their meta data. So if you are putting images without proper name and their meta data, it might be of no use to Google Search engines.

Please read more about how you can optimize page rank using images optimization.

How to get proper keywords?

First of all you need to categorize your business segment. Then you need to find out tools that can help you providing you proper keywords which users use in for example Google Search Engine. You can get alot of free and paid services to get proper keywords for your contents such as Google AdWords, Word Stream and more.

Types of Keywords

  1. Normal Keywords
  2. Long Tail Keywords

Normal Keywords

Normal keywords are just the normal or standard keywords that people use for searching information. For example A person wants to buy a leather jacket. He may provide keywords “leather jackets”, “expensive leather jackets”, “cheap leather jackets” etc. Usually these kind of keywords has high competition meaning a lot of people websites are competing for these keywords and its usually not possible to rank your website for such terms with low budget. Its good to have them, but hard to get them. Searching habits are changing now and people usually use long keywords to find information.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are the long key phrases that people usually use to find relevant information. Lets take the same example as mentioned earlier. So instead of searching for “leather jackets” or “expensive leather jackets” or “cheap leather jackets”, we can find long tail keywords for these phrases in tools available around the web. I have found some long tail keywords for these phrases using tools that are mentioned in another Free SEO tools and Paid SEO tools article. You can try the above phrases in KeyWordTool to get a glimpse of how long tail keywords look like. So better subscribe for updates or you will miss them :D. So once you got your keywords, its time to put them in content from head to toe in appropriate manner. Google can penalize you if you are misusing those keywords. So use them with care.

Linking (Back Links)

Linking or Backlinks defines the authority of your website. Imagine there are two guys A & B working in a company in the same designation. Alot of people including upper management from the same and other companies knows Guy A for his competence and work, but no body knows any thing about Guy B. So who has more authority? Definitely Guy A, because he has alot of exposure with in the company and outside the company. The same goes to your website, the better it has links from other websites (popular ones) the better it has authority and more power for it to appear in search results.

Backlinks Types

  • DoFollow
  • NoFollow

Note : Google has a mechanism of link juice. If some sites have links to your blog or website/pages, Google evaluates that site authority and creates a link juice which is passed to your site thus results in giving authority to your site.


DoFollow link means follow mentioned link. Its a metric used by Google to pass link juice to the destintation site, blog or page. It provides authority to your site and more power, so that you website is ranked higher in the same niche or information compared to others.


NoFollow links refers to the links that are not be followed. It means Google will not pass link juice to your site, but however if the domain where the backlink is present authoritative, it will give some authority to your site or it will take your site,blog or page as authoritative.

Through forums and commenting

So the good start would be replying in forums, commenting on posts (not spam), or asking some webmaster to add a back link in their post for the content which you have explained more precisely and its relevant to the webmaster post.

Social Networks

Other way is creating accounts across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc and setup your blog to automatically push new post to those networks. This gives visibility in social network as well as backlinks.

Highly Valued Unique Content

One of my favorite way to create back link is to create a high valued content which is unique and useful. So the big players like techcrunch, verge, theguardian can create a backlink to your website if they are writing article which requires more information from your content.


There are other ways to achieve backlinks and you can probably find it by Googling it. Useless 1000 backlinks are not even equal to 1 good backlink. Spammed backlinks from domains or spam contents will result in penalty to your website thus resulting in low authority to your site or even de-indexing of your site completely. So create backlinks from popular site and don’t spam.

Unique content

The most important part of getting high ranking or optimizing your content for search engine is unique content. Don’t copy paste your content ever. If you copied it you will definitely get penalized for this. So always write fresh handwritten article for better results.


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