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Office 365 Libre Android Launch and MS Cyanogen News
Office 365 Libre Android Launch and MS Cyanogen News

Office 365 Libre Android Launch and MS Cyanogen News

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Microsoft Office and Outlook to hit Google Play

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Microsoft has been busy releasing Microsoft Office for Android and its Outlook client this week. Microsoft Office for Android had been available as a preview app but now its launched and will be available free of cost. However to get extra options and features you might need Office 365 subscription. At least Office fans can get their hands on with the new release from Microsoft.

Just a short time after buying the nice electronic mail app Acompli, Microsoft launched it this week with its old Outlook brand. The app is free of cost and looking at its reviews, seems to be an excellent client for imap, pop3 or exchange e-mails messaging.

Android getting LibreOffice soon

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At the core of open-source LibreOffice is one of the best free Office suite alternative to Microsoft Office. LibreOffice is developed and maintained by open source community and is now going to be launched for Android platform as well.

Porting LibreOffice to Android platform is a crucial part and the tasks has been assigned to couple of companies. No completion or release date has been talked about, however the company developers stated key foundations of the suite needs to be completed in March 2015.

Cyanogen push to root out Android from Google

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The firm behind the most well-liked customized ROM for Android desires to distance the mobile Operating System from Google. Cyanogen has been competing with Google with its own Cyanogenmod version of Android OS. This began with a deal to have Cyonegen’s fork of Android OS to be pre-installed on the OnePlus One handset and also an Indian handset maker’s mobile phones.

This week the CEO of Cyanogen acknowledged that he needs to distance Android from Google by having his own version as a completely open OS based, together with Google’s personal apps at the moment which are not accessible to other apps developers.

Microsoft to put money into Cyanogen

Microsoft to invest in Cyanogen


The management in Microsoft are thinking that Cyanogen’s taking Android from Google is an effective factor, and it is reported that the corporate will spend money on Cyanogen. In our previous article we mentioned that Microsoft is thinking of running android apps on its Windows Platform, thus emerging reports shows that Microsoft will have a minor stack in Cyanogen’s $70 million funding spherical.

To be noted that neither of Microsoft or Cyanogen has confirmed this report of the upcoming funding.