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Latest cricket Score News Videos Highlights Streams

Latest Cricket Updates with Android app

Cricket is England national sport but it’s pretty famous around the world. Some of the top cricket teams include Pakistan India Australia England Sri Lanka Bangladesh Zimbabwe.
Emotions are pretty high when it is a cricket match between Pakistan vs India and specifically when it’s a final or semifinal cricket match. The same goes for any final cricket match between any contenders.
Pakistanis are crazy about cricket and everybody knows this. A lot of commercials while watching cricket match is irritable and also when you are away from television you might be interested in getting the latest live cricket score details or live cricket stream.
As Pakistan already got 3G and 4G technologies which means higher speed and mobility for data access, it’s easier to get any kind of data on the go. We are reviewing an android cricket application that can give you latest updates and scores report with live stream on your android mobile phone.


EspnCricInfo is an android app developed by ESPN network.
EspnCricInfo keeps you updated with the latest breaking stories, latest cricket match score, player statistics, records, rankings and exclusive content from the best writers audio and video streams. There is much more that you can find with this useful app.

Application Main View

Below is the main UI screenshot of the app.

Pakistan latest cricket match live stream

EspnCricInfo Android App main View

EspnCricInfo android Application main view is very neat. There are 4 tabs representing relevant cricket match updates contents. Editorial gives you breaking stories. Multimedia tab shows you interviews and or match highlighes. Snippets show you some historial figure and information.

Easy Access to latest and live Cricket match updates

Using left navigation bar which is very well structured and has all the items to give you full access to latest and live cricket match score results, statistics, player information and more over live commentary. Check the below screen shots.


Get instant Latest Live Cricket Match Results

Getting latest results of your favorite team is very easy from the main page. Click on RESULTS Tab on the MATCHES tab will give you details of matches results. Here is the screen shot.

Latest Live Cricket Match Results or latest match cricket results

Latest Cricket Match Results

Getting Latest and Live Cricket Match Fixture

To get latest and live cricket match fixture, just tap the fixture tab and you will get the latest content.

Latest Live Cricket Match Fixtures

Cricket Match Fixtures

Get Latest Live Cricket Match News

To get latest news on live cricket match, tap the EDITORIAL tab and you will find a lot of latest news about your favorite cricket match. To find more features of the news and latest reviews about cricket matches tap on features and blogs tab.

Latest Live Cricket Match Score News

Live Cricket News

Latest Cricket Features

Tap FEATURES tab under editorial to get latest features.

Latest cricket news features

Latest Cricket Features

Latest Cricket Match Reviews via Blogs

Get latest reviews for cricket match via blogs. Tap on BLOGS tab under EDITORIAL tab to get a bunch of blogs for latest cricket match reviews.

latest cricket news blogs for cricket match reviews

latest cricket blogs

Cricket Live Score Card

Get latest live score of cricket match with Live Score Report Card.

latest live cricket score result report card

Cricket Score card

Full Cricket Live Score Card

You can also get the full score card for cricket match results as shown below.

latest live  full cricket score result report card

Cricket Full Score Report

Live Commentary

Get live textual commentary for your cricket match. Very precise and neat and serves the purpose.

latest live cricket match textual commentary

Live Textual Commentary


We have found this app very useful for cricket enthusiast, fans. We highly recommend this app for Pak cricket fans, if you want to get latest and live cricket match scores, results, commentary, news.

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