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Monetizing Apps through ads
Monetize your app and earn revenue


Monetization or Monetizing apps through ads

Monetization is the process of running advertisement on top of your application. In monetization we have two terms, advertiser and publisher.

Advertiser and Publisher


The company who wants to run their ads on top of your application will pay you for per view or per click depending on the company policy.


You are the publisher who publishes the advertiser ads on top of your application, so that their products could be sold and you get revenue share for every click or per 1000 view (depending on company policy).

What’s good and what’s bad?

The good part is that once your app gets viral, there are millions of users who may use your application for their needs and they will encounter the ads you are running on it. So for every ad they click or it appears on their screen on top of your app, you will get part of ads revenue which is accumulated to your account. The bad part or I wont call it bad but requires more energy and idea to develop something very different and useful for users. Its the hard part but requires initial energy to construct the base.

How you can track your revenue?

When you register with an advertiser you will get your own dash board where you would track all of your revenue graphs, your app usage by people etc.

Monetizing apps through ads examples?

If you have developed android app and want to monetize it, the best one I have seen is through admob. There are other stores like amazon which has their own ads that can be run on top of your app to give you revenue share.

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