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How to earn with Affiliate Marketing
Earning with Affiliate Marketing

Earn with Affiliate Marketing

Earn with Affiliate Marketing the right way!

Yes! you can earn with affiliate marketing with the easy steps to follow.

 You have been doing alot of research to earn money online in Pakistan. You are not sure where to start? Lets start from the basics.

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How you earn with affiliate Marketing! The Big picture

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is performance-based marketing.

A business rewards its affiliate’s efforts in the form of commission, when the buyers are directed by the affiliate to the business website and buy products.

So what is an affiliate?An affiliate is the middle man (you) who signs a contract with a business to market their products and get commission for every sales.  still not clear?

Suppose I have a business and I am selling books. I want some body to give exposure to my business so that my books could be sold. You bring in people to my business, so that they can buy books. So for every book sold to the visitors you bring in, I pay you commission (20%).

How Earn with Affiliates works?

Internet is full of products to be sold but unfortunately due to the limited exposure they don’t get much attention to the right audience and eventually a business loses its profit.

So to earn with affiliates you need to go to the business website and try to register with them as an affiliate. Be sure to read all of their TOS (terms of service). After registering they will provide a banner of your choice which you can put in your famous blog or website. When user browse your website or blog, they may click the advertisement banner provided by the business company and once they purchase the product, you will get your commission right away. Remember this commission is much higher than normal pay per click schemes. So if you put efforts to your website/blog and put the right traffic and audience to it, you will have more chances to sell those products. There are hundreds of thousands of blogger who make thousands of USD per month only by marketing different companies products.

Affiliates List

You can find a long list of companies providing partnership/affiliate facility by googling.

To give you a quick start you can start selling amazon items straight away by joining Amazon Affiliate program.


  1. first earn advertise in web.

    • This article is based on affiliate marketing not running ads on website and getting revenue with adsense or other advertisement networks. i am not sure if this answer relates to your query.

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