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Earn with Micro Jobs Online

Earn with Micro jobs online in Pakistan

Micro jobs as the term refers are small tasks provided by a company or a person. The company or person is willing to pay a hefty fee ranging from 10 euro / usd cents to 5 euros depending on the size of tasks.

These small jobs are advertised in number of websites. You can register to website and start doing small tasks. Following figure will illustrate of how it looks like.

earn with micro jobs in Pakistan

Earn with micro jobs

Whats good in earning with micro jobs online?

The good part is there is a long list of website which offer this job. I can 100% confirm that most of these websites are legit and they do pay you. Also the jobs have variations i.e. from simple to complex. You may be asked to do a signup at a page, share some article in social network, or check some page in google etc. Or it may be that you need to write an article in your blog which should be a PR1- PR4 and create a link to the user page. In such cases you may get paid well up to 5 euros per post.

Whats bad in earning with micro jobs online?

The bad part is that some companies don’t allow Asian countries to participate in it. Such an example would be micro workers. Due to lot of corruption on internet, they don’t allow countries users such as Pakistani, Indian, Vietnamese, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, indonesia etc. So you have to do a small search and i am pretty sure you will get many websites which will allow you to work for them.


In the end I would like to summarize that earning with micro jobs is very easy and can get you quiet good pocket money at the end of month. You will learn alot as well by doing small tasks and get paid in Pakistan from the comfort of your chair.
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