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How to Open Youtube in Pakistan on Android Mobile

Open Youtube with Safe VPN

How to Open YouTube in Pakistan on Android Mobile Guide

With latest technology comes the privacy and security problems. Do you know that, all the major companies are tracking your online movement. They even know what age you have, what kind of contents you like and where are you located.

It shouldn’t be a surprised that VPNs use is getting momentum and getting more popular then ever before. It keeps your privacy safe and protects you from hackers who can steal your information.

As Pakistan has tightened control over internet by censoring media outlets. At the same time a strong desire is already emerging to by pass PTA (Pakistan telecommunications Authority) censorship to get access to those banned media outlets such as Youtube.

We are trying to provide different tested ways to get access to Youtube on your desktop or Android, IOs phones and tablets. So you don’t get to install any spywares for the sake of accessing YouTube.
In our previous article How to unblock or Open Youtube in Pakistan we have already describe some available and safe alternatives to get access to YouTube.

We assume you know the basics of VPN, if not please read our previous article.
There are many ways to bypass PTA censorship in Android or IOS devices such as using Google Play Store applications or Apple Store applications, customized applications, manual VPN profile setup using L2TP, IPSec PPTP or even with Openvpn stack.

Lets start with Android apps that can give you access to Youtube and other censored media outlets.

Free VPN Android Apps

AirVPN – Slogan (The air to breathe the real Internet)

AirVPN is based on OpenVPN and is administered and operated by activists and hacktivists for the sake of net neutrality. It gives you privacy against censorship and keeps your identity safe. AirVPN creates an encrypted tunnel for your internet connection which is not penetrable, so nobody can spy on you. Get access to YouTube in Pakistan via AirVPN by downloading its vpn android application from here. No annoying pop-ups or ads, works flawlessly.

OpenVPN Connect + EasyOvpn – Plugin for OpenVPN

OpenVPN Connect is the standard Android VPN application for accessing OpenVPN Server, Private Tunnel VPN and OpenVPN Community. Easy Ovpn is a plugin for OpenVPN Connect and it should be installed after installing OpenVPN Connect client.

First of all download OpenVPN Connect client by clicking below button.

Now download EasyOvpn Plugin for OpenVPN Client.

After installing EasyOvpn plugin, open it and you will be able to see a long list of servers that you can connect to. Click on any server and it will automatically open that server configuration in OpenVPN client.

HotSpot Shield

If you don’t mind annoying pop-ups and ads, this will work out for you. Get HotSpot shield here. The VPN connection might be slow sometimes due to heavy load on their servers, but otherwise it serves the purpose.

Updated: Article has been updated with new Android App client.

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